Who we are

The Working for Goshen Democratic Team is committed to principle-driven leadership, with a focus on key values we believe are essential to good governance. The underlying framework that guides decision-making is fundamental to a community’s identity and vision. We will strive to incorporate the following ideals into all aspects of our work.

Our Values


Transparency and Accessibility

  • We will honestly and openly discuss our views on issues relevant to Goshen
  • We will make public documents (meeting agendas, minutes, etc.) easy to access
  • We will make our decision-making processes clear and easy-to-follow


  • Our actions will match our words
  • Our words will match our actions

Equity and Inclusivity

  • Our service to Goshen residents will be unbiased and impartial regardless of financial resources, personal relationships, council district, race, religion, culture, gender, sexual orientation, etc.


  • We will show up when invited, return emails, phone calls, etc. (to colleagues as well as to residents)
  • We will incorporate public input into decision-making whenever and wherever possible


  • We will nurture ongoing communication and collaboration with our colleagues—regardless of party affiliation—by participating in annual retreats, work sessions and council committees
  • We will work to build relationships with a wide range of community stakeholder




  • We will work to maintain Goshen’s many treasures (both natural and human-made) today and into the future

The Candidates

Jeremy Stutsman

Candidate for Mayor

I will continue building a city of opportunity we can all be proud to call home.  Goshen offers so much more than it did just a few years ago.  Goshen now has vastly-improved neighborhoods and a vibrant revitalized downtown.  We have seen business growth during this time, and we have protected your essential city services.  Throughout Goshen you can see demonstrated proof that experienced leadership and responsible management of your tax dollars is “Working for Goshen.”  I am committed to responsible management and excellent Quality of Place.

Julia King

At-large Candidate

The years I’ve spent focused on Goshen’s neighborhood associations—first as a volunteer and then professionally as the Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator for LaCasa—help guide my City Council work. Active neighborhood associations are fundamentally grassroots democracy.  On City Council, among other things, I worked to improve our Board and Commission application and appointment process so that it’s more transparent and predictable. As a result, we’ve had more residents step forward to serve in these important roles. Goshen is full of talented, skilled residents. I am committed to continuing to improve our processes so that people know how to engage with—and offer their service to—local government.

Charles Mumaw

At-large Candidate

As a Goshen College graduate and an engaged citizen, I will listen, guide, and cooperate transparently and actively. I am pleased to serve on the Greencroft Goshen Board of Directors and have over 25 years of experience in the financial sector. I also enjoy volunteering, including volunteering for Goshen Aviation Commission, Goshen Jaycees and am a Citizens Academy graduate. I have watched Goshen bloom, excel and learn from our unique history.

Adam Scharf

Candidate for Clerk Treasurer

A 21st-century Clerk is a database and information systems manager. I hold a graduate degree in information systems. A 21st-century Treasurer is a financial manager and decision-maker. I have founded/co-founded three successful small businesses, serve of the Board of Directors of Maple City Health Care Center, and was elected by voters to serve on the city’s fiscal body: the City Council. With the support of my family I offer my service to Goshen voters.

Jonathan Neufeld

Candidate for District 2

I am a Clinical Psychologist and healthcare consultant. I have lived in Goshen for 15 years along with my family.  My wife, Terri, is a nurse, and my children, Alex, Karis, and Natalie all went through Goshen Community Schools.  We have benefited over the years from many of the fantastic opportunities available in Goshen.  As the city grows and changes, Council members have the chance to guide that growth and ensure it helps build the community we all want.  As a member of the Goshen City Council for District 2 (Model School and West Goshen areas) I hope to help make those opportunities more available to all Goshen residents.

Jennifer Shell

Candidate for District 3

Born and raised in Northern Indiana, I graduated from Bethany Christian High School in 1991 and went on to attend Indiana University—Bloomington, earning a bachelor’s degree in art history and Latin.  After graduating from Suffolk University Law School in Boston, I practiced law in Massachusetts. My husband and I returned to Goshen to be close to family. I joined the Goshen Parks board in 2018, and I enjoy gardening, fishing and beekeeping.

Megan Eichorn

Candidate for District 4

I have spent the past nearly 20 years volunteering my time in various capacities. Whether it be working to strengthen our neighborhood associations or as President of Goshen Swimming Inc, my motivation was always the same; getting involved in the things I care about ensures my voice can be heard.  I care about making Goshen a community that people want to live in, just as I chose to do nearly 20 years ago.  I am excited to become a voice for District 4 and hope to continue improving the quality of life for its residents. If you want to have a conversation, get in touch!

Gilberto Pérez, Jr.

Candidate for District 5

 Over the years I have worked to build bridges between various groups through community conversations, community policing presentations, and neighborhood meetings. This work has been about relationship building and trust building. All things I value and desire for District 5. I’m excited to work in District 5 to strengthen neighbor-to-neighbor relationships, support children and youth to thrive in school and community, and facilitate communication between the city and its residents. I have served on the Goshen Planning Commission, Goshen Housing Authority, Elkhart Community Corrections Advisory Board, Elkhart County Reentry Initiative, and also volunteered at the Goshen Interfaith Hospitality, Habitat for Humanity, and at the Depot. 

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