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Elect Gina Leichty, Mayor of Goshen, Indiana in 2023

Welcome to the official campaign website of Mayor Gina Leichty, the business leader dedicated to making Goshen a city every resident is proud to call home. With a clear vision for the future and a passion for community development, Mayor Gina is the leader we need to shape a prosperous Goshen.

Vote for Gina to continue as Mayor of Goshen, Indiana, and let’s embark on a journey of progress and shared success!

Working for Goshen | Gina Leichty, Mayor

Support Gina for Goshen

Vote for Mayor Gina Leichty to continue leading Goshen, Indiana – and let’s embark on a journey of progress and shared success!

Gina Leichty

Mayor of Goshen

Gina brings a wealth of leadership experience and a deep love for Goshen to her candidacy. As a longtime resident, business owner, and active community leader, she understands Goshen’s unique challenges and opportunities. Gina’s proven track record of success in various leadership roles has prepared her to take on the office and effect meaningful change.

A Proven Leader with a Heart for Goshen

Gina’s mayoral campaign is not just about her—it’s about the collective power of our community coming together to build a stronger Goshen. By supporting Gina’s candidacy, you invest in a leader who will listen, act, and deliver results for our city.

Join the movement today by volunteering, donating, or spreading the word about Gina’s vision for Goshen. Together, we can create a brighter future and make Goshen a city we proudly call home.

Vision, Issues, & Values

Experience that Matters

Gina’s journey has been defined by her dedication to the Goshen community. She has spent years working tirelessly to improve the lives of Goshen residents, raising millions of dollars of investment for infrastructure projects, fostering successful economic development programs, and advocating for the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. As a respected community organizer and an accomplished business owner, Gina has the knowledge and experience to tackle our city’s challenges.

A Vision for an Engaged Community

Gina firmly believes meaningful change can only be achieved through collaboration. By working together with diverse residents, businesses, and community organizations, Gina will ensure that Goshen’s future is shaped by the collective wisdom and aspirations of all of its residents.

Gina commits to creating a collaborative and inclusive governance model that builds trust across cultures and sparks innovation.

Building Bridges

With a business and community development background, Gina Leichty is adept at bringing people together to find common ground and develop innovative solutions. She knows the most effective way to address Goshen’s challenges is through collaboration, not division.

Gina will work tirelessly to build bridges, foster partnerships, and engage stakeholders from all sectors to tackle our most pressing issues.

Short-Term Priorities

Robust Finances

With discipline and careful planning, Goshen is well-positioned for the future. Gina is committed to fostering a vibrant and diverse economy that creates opportunities for all Goshen residents. She won’t hesitate to fight for our City at the state and federal levels to ensure every available resource returns to our community. She is equally committed to utilizing modern tools and practices for sustainable economic development and smart growth.

Solid Infrastructure

To keep businesses competitive and neighborhoods attractive, Goshen needs state-of-the-art utilities, roads, waste systems, and parks. Goshen has some major infrastructure needs to tackle in the coming years. With a continued focus on our budget, we’ll be ready to face those challenges. As we pay attention to all types of infrastructure, we’ll need to pay particular attention to pedestrian transit. She wants to ensure that our neighborhoods, pathways, and sidewalks are safe for even our youngest commuters: our students.

Integrated Public Safety

When there’s an emergency, there’s nothing more important than first responders arriving with the proper training and equipment. Gina is committed to making regular investments in our public safety resources. Safety involves a network of support and partnerships, including social workers, police, firefighters, educators, and health care workers. Strong alliances between these safety teams are crucial to ensuring the health and well-being of everyone who lives here.

Longer-Term Priorities

Generational Living

Community vibrancy, desirable and affordable housing, beautiful neighborhoods, and a sense of openness build pride and encourage all types of families to establish roots in our community. She’s committed to supporting the Quality of Place initiatives (parks, trails, public spaces, neighborhoods, and activities) that attract and retain generations of talent and the diverse workforce we need in Goshen.

Useful Government

Gina commits to being a leader who seeks opportunities for our administration to improve and incentivize growth while ensuring public well-being. My years as an entrepreneur and business owner have reinforced the necessity for continuous improvement in every aspect of the operation. Innovation and efficiency are necessary tools for delivering quality services to our community. She wants to lead with a focus on being customer-centered, efficient, and effective in our dealings with the public.

Environmental Preparedness

Preparing for environmental changes isn’t just a nicety – it’s an economic necessity for a sustainable community. Environmental disaster planning is imperative for our well-being. Gina takes seriously our City’s responsibility to care for our environment, to equip us to adapt to environmental changes, and to build resources for a sustainable community for future generations. To achieve this, we must also work to reduce our carbon footprint. We’ll lead by example, promoting sustainable practices in our city’s operations, from paper use to transportation to waste management.

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Gina for Goshen Donation


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