Linda M. Gerber

City Council, At-Large

Linda’s campaign for Goshen City Council, At-Large is rooted in her inclination — rather, her demonstrated drive — to be an agent for positive change. A resident of Goshen since 2004, Linda has spent the past 14 years working as the Chief Operating Officer for the Fourth Freedom Forum — a Goshen-based nonprofit that promotes freedom from fear of violent conflict through international cooperation and the development of economic power, not military power, as the force that rules the world.

Linda M. Gerber

City Council, At-Large

A certified SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources), Linda is a 1996 Goshen College graduate and received her Master’s of Library Science from the Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing in Bloomington, Indiana (2002). Linda’s vision for Goshen revolves around creating more affordable housing and attracting jobs and businesses that display a commitment to environmentally-responsible business practices and employee satisfaction.

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My Priorities

Affordable Housing

It’s one thing to have housing shortages in places where folks are leaving, but this is a booming region. People from all walks of life, at all different levels in the workforce, want to move to a place like Goshen. But how can they? Where will they live? My main priority will be to make sure we are actively pursuing ways to increase available and affordable housing, so that we can grow into the Goshen of the future.

Quality of Place

Attracting jobs and businesses that display a committment to employee satisfaction — that’s big on my list. I also plan to support and attract more employee and community forward businesses to Goshen, and to support initiatives toward healthier living and better quality of life.


We want to attract businesses that provide quality opportunities and also demonstrate environmentally responsible business practices. I will be supporting current Environmental Resilience initiatives — the environment is a top priority, for me — and a longer-term goal of mine will be to implement a plan toward developing a 45% tree canopy in Goshen by 2045.


I think there’s room for working to make Goshen more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. This not only helps to ease some of the increasing traffic issues, but it aligns with my passion for the environment. When it comes to addressing traffic issues and implementing upgrades and improvements, I want city departments to have what they need to get projects completed.

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