Megan Eichorn

City Council, District 4

Megan, the Goshen City Council District 4 Representative since 2019, seeks re-election to continue working for the betterment of all those in her district. Understanding that some issues are complex, and do not always have easy answers, Megan stresses the importance of being balanced and working with everyone in the room to find the right, and best, solution.

Megan Eichorn, City Council, District 4

Megan Eichorn

City Council, District 4

A 20-year resident of Goshen, Megan graduated from Indiana University in 1996 with a BSPA in Environmental Science and Management. Megan, a liaison to Goshen’s Community Relations Commission (CRC), is a member of the Communications Department at Goshen Community Schools, where she previously worked as Webmaster. In her roles with GCS, Megan has worked collaboratively to ensure the quality of communications over diverse media and platforms. As a city councilwoman, Megan has demonstrated her committment to education, diversity, and considering all perspectives.

My Priorities


Continue to collaborate with developers to introduce diverse housing options to our community.


Persist in positioning Goshen as a frontrunner in environmental sustainability, striving to enhance the city’s bicycle and pedestrian-friendliness. This endeavor will not only reduce our contribution to climate change but also address the growing traffic congestion we are facing.


I moved here to Goshen, 20 years ago, specifically because of the diversity that exists here, and it’s been a blessing to serve this city and to wintness — and play a part in — our growth. It’s imortant to me that Goshen continues to set an example as a city that is committed to welcoming, hearing, and celebrating all of its residents.


Promote the attraction of businesses and industries to Goshen, aiming to diversify our economic reliance beyond the RV sector.

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