Phil Lederach

City Council, District 5

Phil worked for 41 years in local education; including 13 years as a building-level administrator for Goshen Community Schools. With his professional background, Phil knows what it will take to strengthen the relationship between the city and its schools. He has proven experience in establishing priorities and protocols, managing million-dollar budgets, and effective long-term planning.

Phil Lederach

City Council, District 5

Phil and his wife, Lisa, are long-time residents of Goshen. They are parents of nine unique children, lifelong public school educators, and passionate supporters of the City of Goshen. Phil is a graduate of Goshen College (1979), where he earned a B.A. in English Education. He received his master’s degree from Indiana University South Bend. His decision to run for the City Council is directly influenced by his desire to give back to the community that has given his family so much.

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My Priorities


I know the teachers and administrators at Goshen Community Schools. They are exceptional in their dedication to our students and families. Public schools are essential to attracting new families and businesses to a community. With my experience and understanding of public education, I want to help build even stronger relationships between the city of Goshen and our schools.


The environment is extremely important to me and will be a top priority. I’m looking forward to building on the city’s current environmental initiatives and working to develop new ways to protect our future. As a person who spends time on the Elkhart River and as an avid beekeeper, I believe it is vital to maintain a clean and healthy river ecosystem.

Quality of Life

There’s a lot we can do to make Goshen an even better place to live. Increasing housing is a very important place to start, and we need to support diversity in every possible way. We also need to continue to foster and support our wonderful, growing arts community — that is something that makes this community very unique.

Small Business

Small businesses are the heart and soul of any community, and here in Goshen they are often owned by friends and neighbors. We’ve been blessed to see significant growth over the years, but I believe we need to keep working to support local small business development throughout all areas of the city.

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