Richard Aguirre


As Clerk-Treasurer since 2021, Richard — a former administrator at Goshen College — has relied on his knowledge, budgetary expertise, and his ability to build strong relationships to follow through at every turn for the taxpayers of Goshen. Richard has streamlined city payroll and developed sound, new ways to update old, clanky processes – both internally and externally. If re-elected, Richard will continue to work to discover and implement new efficiencies.

Richard Aguirre, Clerk-Treasurer

Richard Aguirre


A former member of the Goshen Board of Zoning Appeals and the Mayor’s Latino Advisory Council, Richard served on the Community Relations Council from 2008-2013. In 1980 Richard earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from California State University, Fresno, and then spent 26 years as a reporter and editor. Much of Richard’s work during that time involved researching and analyzing state budgets and expenditures, and he has nearly 20 years of management and supervisory experience in the business and nonprofit sector. Richard has also helped raise millions of dollars as a grant writer and fundraiser.

My Priorities


Government has an obligation to provide needed services and to do so at a reasonable cost, and if there is one word that sums up the end-all, be-all of everything I do as the Clerk-Treasurer, it is this: Efficiency. Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency. Efficiency is everything, and I am dedicated to finding ways to save money and work in ways that benefit the taxpayers of the city of Goshen.


We’ve accomplished a lot in a short time — we’ve streamlined city payroll and we’ve updated critical licensure processes — and we’ve made advances like these due to our collaborative approach. I’ve been lucky to work with a diligent and dedicated team of Goshen City employees. I think we’ve had some nice accomplishments while I’ve been in this office, but I also think there is a lot more to do. I’m looking forward to it.



Goshen is a city with great people and thoughtful elected officials who are completely committed in their service. That’s the spirit I carried with me into this role. Ensuring that the funds entrusted to the city of Goshen are used properly and wisely, and that the government operates with transparency and thorough public engagement; these are my most important obligations. Beyond that, only one word matters to me. I think everyone knows what that is. It starts with an E.

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