Shannan Martin

City Council, District 3

Shannan and her husband chose to raise their family in Goshen because it is a hopeful, diverse community where everyone can live, work, and thrive together. In addition to campaigning to represent Goshen’s Northside District 3 on City Council, Shannan is a best-selling author, speaker, and grateful neighbor.

Shannan Martin, City Council, District 3
“I have learned so much through my open-hearted neighbors. The richness of relationships and opportunities in Goshen have made our lives brighter, better, and safer. Learning to listen well and to speak up when necessary are skills that will help me serve the sometimes-overlooked treasure of District 3 on Goshen’s City Council. Together, we can make a difference.”

Shannan Martin

City Council, District 3

Shannan and her husband Cory, the Chaplain at the Elkhart County Jail, moved with their children to Goshen’s Chamberlain neighborhood in 2013. In devoting herself to her new surroundings, Shannan discovered a deep appreciation and connection with her neighbors and the Northside community.

Shannan has written three books since moving with her family to Goshen: Start with Hello, The Ministry of Ordinary Places, and Falling Free. Shannan holds a Bachelor’s degree from Bethel University.

When she’s not writing, speaking, and rooting for her neighborhood, Shannan also serves at The Window, a Goshen non-profit that helps those on limited incomes meet essential needs.  Shannan attends St. Mark’s United Methodist Church with her family and serves as a member of Goshen Community School’s RedHawk Advocates. Shannan and her husband have three teenagers and an adult son.

Shannan’s Priorities for District 3

Support for Schools

Encouraging our community to step up and support our local schools and educators has been Shannan’s longtime passion. Volunteering, joining the PTO, raising funds and community awareness, and identifying practical ways to support her neighborhood school are a few ways she points to as keys to helping.

Traffic Safety

Shannan advocates for Goshen’s vision for “Complete Streets,” which are streets for everyone. Such transportation routes enable people of all ages and abilities to safely move along and across community streets, regardless of how they are traveling. Complete Streets are essential in providing equal access to vital resources across communities.

Improving Neighborhoods

We all want to belong to a community that looks out for each other. It’s easy to feel detached, distracted, and divided, but there is a better way. Connected neighborhoods are a key component in overcoming the barriers between us. As a City Councilor, Shannan brings practical experience to connect our community and create a life of security, camaraderie, and joy for all.

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